Main production figures of the 9 months of 2018: mine production: 622 920 t Δ 2,2% to the business plan, Δ 49,2% to the previous year.   Ore processing: 610 447 t Δ 0,1% to the business plan, Δ 51,3% to the previous year.   Production of lead in concentrate: 7 708 t ∇ 0,1% to the business plan, Δ 51,7% to the previous year.   Production of zinc in concentrate: 12 662 t Δ 4,3% to the business plan, Δ 70% to the previous year.   Lead concentrate production: 11 915 t ∇ 4,4% to the business plan, Δ 44,8% to the previous year.   Zinc concentrate production: 25 479 t Δ 2,4% to the business plan, Δ 69,1% to the previous year.

16.08.2018 03:23:27

According to the results of the first quarter of 2018, the work of the main and auxiliary divisions of JSC GMK Dalpolimetall inspires optimism – outstripping was outlined by many measures, adopted in the business plan.
In January-March, 196 thousand tons of ore were mined with the planned 191 thousand tons (for comparison: for the same period of 2017, the production amounted to 144 thousand tons). Growth – 102.3%, if compared with the business plan, and 135.4%, if to compare with the fact of the past year.
Significant contribution was made by the Nikolayevsky mine (82,823 tons), the 2-nd Sovietsky mine (49,408 tons) and the Verkhny quarry (30,725 tons).
Lead produced in the ore – 2,741 tons (2,633 tons according to the business plan, 2,142 tons for the same period in 2017), zinc – 4,424 tons (business plan: 4,534 tons, the same figure for the first three months of 2017 – 3,099 tons).
Silver produced – 8,193 kg, which is only 17 kg less than the plan, but 870 kg more than in 2017.
The contribution to the result for the first quarter was made by the concentrated mill. 198,477 tons of ore were processed, which is more than the planned (191,041 tons), and counted after the fact in the first quarter of 2017 (146,720 tons).
The extraction of metals into concentrates also increased - up to 93.30% for lead (plan - 91.31%), up to 84.94% for zinc (plan - 82.51%).
A total of 4,019 tons of lead concentrate was produced (105% overfulfillment) with a lead content of 2,576 tons and 7,655 tons of zinc concentrate (overfulfillment of 100.8%) with a zinc content of 3,818 tons.

In sum, the company notes that the work team coped with the task.