Main production figures of the 9 months of 2018: mine production: 622 920 t Δ 2,2% to the business plan, Δ 49,2% to the previous year.   Ore processing: 610 447 t Δ 0,1% to the business plan, Δ 51,3% to the previous year.   Production of lead in concentrate: 7 708 t ∇ 0,1% to the business plan, Δ 51,7% to the previous year.   Production of zinc in concentrate: 12 662 t Δ 4,3% to the business plan, Δ 70% to the previous year.   Lead concentrate production: 11 915 t ∇ 4,4% to the business plan, Δ 44,8% to the previous year.   Zinc concentrate production: 25 479 t Δ 2,4% to the business plan, Δ 69,1% to the previous year.

12.09.2018 02:04:45

On April 28, World Day for Safety and Health at Work will be held under this slogan. It is celebrated only for the 15th time, and it is not even a holiday, but important messages – to employees and employers, to authorities of all levels, demanding to save labor from hazard, so that it does not harm health.
The idea of holding the World Day for Safety and Health at Work commemorates the Workers' Memorial Day, first held by American and Canadian workers in 1989, in memory of those who suffered or died in the workplace.
Today more than a hundred countries are carrying out activities aimed at drawing public attention to unsolved problems of labor protection. As a rule, they are organized by the local authorities, labor union organizations, employers' organizations and occupational safety experts. The task of the latter is to ensure the safety of work, to minimize the risk of occupational injuries and occupational diseases.
In addition, the correct approach to the organization of labor protection has a positive impact on the entire production process: the number of sick pays is reduced, the amount of compensation paid for working in harmful conditions is reduced, and the downtime caused by the absence of an injured worker is shortened.
It should be noted that Dalpolimetall pays great attention to industrial safety and labor protection. For example, before the end of the year, it is planned to complete a special assessment of labor conditions at workplaces, where it has not yet been conducted.
All employees of the enterprise are provided with the necessary personal protective equipment, and if necessary they are provided with additional PPE, not specified in standard guidelines. In recent years, the emphasis has been placed on high-quality work clothing.
Our company has been participating in various labor protection competitions for several years already and has won prizes. This year we took the 2nd place in the city review contest in the nomination "The best organization of Dalnegorsk in the field of labor protection, whose number of employees exceeds 50 people".
We also participate in the All-Russian competition "Success and safety", held under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor.
There are several priorities in labor protection, but special attention is paid to training and conducting briefings. The employees of the Department of Industrial Health and Safety are constantly monitoring compliance with the procedure for attestation of managers and specialists in the field of industrial safety and labor protection, as well as training of all employees of the enterprise.
Today's holiday has a global scale: we celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work. In the office and at production site, in any field, one must strive to work safely. Let every working day bring only joy from the tasks accomplished and material prosperity, and nothing threatens health in the workplace!