Main production figures of the 9 months of 2018: mine production: 622 920 t Δ 2,2% to the business plan, Δ 49,2% to the previous year.   Ore processing: 610 447 t Δ 0,1% to the business plan, Δ 51,3% to the previous year.   Production of lead in concentrate: 7 708 t ∇ 0,1% to the business plan, Δ 51,7% to the previous year.   Production of zinc in concentrate: 12 662 t Δ 4,3% to the business plan, Δ 70% to the previous year.   Lead concentrate production: 11 915 t ∇ 4,4% to the business plan, Δ 44,8% to the previous year.   Zinc concentrate production: 25 479 t Δ 2,4% to the business plan, Δ 69,1% to the previous year.

12.09.2018 02:11:24

April 28 is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. It must be said that this date goes back to the initiative of the American trade unions, which declared this day a day of memory of those who died in production. In general, April 28 does not have a negative or mourning connotation The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is designed to convey to employers and the workers themselves, to the authorities and the public a simple idea labor must be safe.
Traditionally, various events are held on this day, the purpose of which is to popularize the idea of industrial safety and labor protection, take it out of the "boring" duties, and motivate people to preserve life and health.
Dalnegorsk also did not stay away. For example, in the city there was a competition of drawings "Labor protection through the eyes of children". The idea is very important to remind parents of responsibility from childs perspective.
Of course, Dalpolimetall also participated in the contest in recent years it has become a good tradition.
"Children need to be told about the safety precautions," says Irina Nikolaeva, the chairman of the trade union Dalpolimetall, "and not only personal how not to fall, how to cross the road. It's very good when a child knows where mom and dad work, and what their work consists of. It rallys the family together".
This year's contest was attended by only five girls and boys, but they know exactly how their parents work, and what MMC produces.
According to Irina Nikolaeva, this time no nominations we will reward everyone!
After the May holidays, the children will be invited to the office of the General Director of Dalpolimetall for a small celebration.