Main production figures of the 12 months of 2018: mine production: 858 623 t Δ 2,0% to the business plan, Δ 39,4% to the previous year.   Ore processing: 838 125 t ∇ 0,4% to the business plan, Δ 36,0% to the previous year.   Production of lead in concentrate: 10 480 t ∇ 0,7% to the business plan, Δ 35,5% to the previous year.   Production of zinc in concentrate: 17 525 t Δ 5,1% to the business plan, Δ 48,7% to the previous year.   Lead concentrate production: 16 132 t ∇ 5,8% to the business plan, Δ 30,1% to the previous year.   Zinc concentrate production: 35 319 t Δ 3,0% to the business plan, Δ 47,3% to the previous year.


Resources and reserves

All the deposits mined by MMC Dalpolimetall JSC have the possibility of reserve increment but the most perspective is Partizanskoye deposit. Intense exploration carried out in the 1970s and 1980s permitted to increase the reserves of Partizanskoye deposit to great extent. The reserve increment is expected here today as well.

Besides the operating mines, there are some perspective deposits and ore occurrences known at the territory of Dalnegorsk ore field, which are not worked at now or need supplementary exploration. Among them are Avgustovskoye deposit, Vstrechnoye deposit (the reserves approved by the State Committee of the Soviet Union), Yuzhno-Solontsovoye and Sarafannoye silver-polymetallic ore occurences, the Trekhrechenskoye silver ore occurrence and some other perspective objects.

In the future Cheremshanovskiy ore cluster is supposed to be of the most value, and Maiminovskoye deposit is contiguous with it. This territory is subject to special attention as the predictable reserve is calculated to be equal to 26 million tons of lead-zinc-silver ores.

All the above mentioned objects are located within the radius of 20-40 km from the enrichment plant. The primary sulphide ores of these perspective deposits and ore occurrences, as a rule, are of a high quality and can be easily enriched. The content of lead and zinc in them varies from basis points to 10%-15%. The highest content of silver is in the ores of Trekhrechenskoye ore occurrence - an average of 300-400 gr/t.