Main production figures of the 12 months of 2018: mine production: 858 623 t Δ 2,0% to the business plan, Δ 39,4% to the previous year.   Ore processing: 838 125 t ∇ 0,4% to the business plan, Δ 36,0% to the previous year.   Production of lead in concentrate: 10 480 t ∇ 0,7% to the business plan, Δ 35,5% to the previous year.   Production of zinc in concentrate: 17 525 t Δ 5,1% to the business plan, Δ 48,7% to the previous year.   Lead concentrate production: 16 132 t ∇ 5,8% to the business plan, Δ 30,1% to the previous year.   Zinc concentrate production: 35 319 t Δ 3,0% to the business plan, Δ 47,3% to the previous year.


Corporate social responsibility

MMC Dalpolimetall JSC is the company where great number of Dalnegorsk citizens work, and it guarantees financial stability not only for 2000 workers but also for members of their families. That is why company efforts are concentrated not only on business management, but also improving the quality of life of the staff.

Realizing the importance of the company for the municipal Dalnegorsk district, MMC Dalpolimetall JSC tries to take active part in the social life of the city.

A priority of the company is following the demands of Russian nature protection legislation. Showing concern for the ambient, MMC Dalpolimetall JSC responsively address the issue of allocation and utilization of production and consumption waste.

MMC Dalpolimetall JSC pays special attention to decreasing negative influence from future production activities on the environment. Understanding that we work and live at the same territory, mines and industrial shops of MMC Dalpolimetall JSC take various nature protective actions: remove outdated equipment from service, improve manufacturing process, construct waste treatment facilities.

Not less responsively MMC Dalpolimetall JSC controls the process of following standards and rules of industrial safety. The Company decided to start the certification process against OHSAS 18001 standard. This international standard of health protection and personnel safety management system will confirm that the Company controls factors of industrial and professional risks, cares about personnel safety at their work places.